558963_370025773088229_2054274223_nTodd Kerns

Local to the area my entire life, I’ve managed to enjoy being part of the music scene of this area in one way or another for a long time. I like anything from Zeppelin to Five Finger Death Punch and my drum influences are too many to list. To name a few….Mike Portnoy, Tommy Aldridge, Tommy Lee, Alex Van Halen, and the list goes on….Spent some time jamming with the 15 Minutes guys a while back and happy to be back doin it again. Great to be playin with Mike, Bill and Billy again and looking forward to playin with Derek. All very good guys and all extremely talented. Can’t wait for the live stuff!



484979_370027079754765_423937716_nMike Lowther

Many years of playing all types of rock..former bands include Southern Comfort Band, Shameless, Hangman, Fell Danger and Tangent. Also recorded 2 albums of original material with Elizabeth’s Furnace. Currently in 15 Minutes. Influences include: Geddy Lee, Geezer Butler, Billy Sheehan and Steve Harris. Equipment : Schecter, ESP, Ibanez and Fender basses. Galien Kruger, Ampeg & Berringer amps & cabs, BBE Sonic Maximizer & Line 6 Bass Pod to complete my sound. RotoSound strings.






483634_370026629754810_2070052801_nBilly “Red”

I’ve been jammin’ for years!  My range of influences is wide.  I collect BMI royalty checks from 2 songs that were signed by Warner Brothers that I wrote and performed with legendary guitarist Carl Burnett in New York.

I come from a musical family; everyone plays an instrument and sings.  I started studying the drums in the 80’s (too shy to be on stage without something to hide behind) under Dave Goiser and Mark Whitesides.

A few years later Mark and I moved to Florida with our ladies.  He invited me to guest sing with his band and I was hooked, singing with various bands in Florida for a couple years.  I moved back to the Fairfax area and joined up with Mike Lance, Roger O’Dell, and Mark Whitesides to form TANGENT.  A kick ass original band, we rocked all the clubs in the tri-state area.  4 years and 2 CDs later we fell apart, opening the door for another kick ass original band ELIZABETH’S FURNACE with Mike Lance, Ginny Lance, and Mike Lowther.  I played drums in this band as well as singing lead (fun stuff).  3 years and 2 CDs later we fell apart, which reignited TANGENT with Gary Smith kickin’ the beat for 3 1/2 years and 1 CD.

Then Gary moved away (what a drag).  I was jamming with COLD SELLER when a friend introduced me to Wild Bill.  After 2 big greasy footprints, 15 Minutes was formed.  After a few musician changes the band is now truly tighter, stronger, and better than ever.  Thanks Derek, Bill, Mike, and Todd-


530924_370026763088130_1302324766_nBill Dongoski

I’ve been playing for a few years on and off, and have played with a few bands years ago.  In 2006 I hooked up with a killer guitar player and realized we made a good team.  Through a mutual friend I met Billy who said he knew an awesome drummer and bass player.  After some greasy footprints in my music room, a few cases of beer, a bottle of tequila and a stripper named Bambi, 15 Minutes was formed.  It was a rough beginning but I think we’re going to make it now.

My influences range from the blues to country music to the hardcore shit.  My biggest influences are Billy, Todd, Mike and Derek.

1Derek Santamaria

I’ve been playing guitar since I was 14. My father, being one of my huge influences, got me started playing the songs he jammed. I cut my teeth on all the good stuff from the late 60’s and 70’s. I started Jaw, an original project and we participated in an MTV contest dubbed “ Beach House Search”, in which we earned Honorable Mention. My next band was Crossfire and following that was Disorder, playing all the heavy, current jams  you hear now. That band released an all original CD which hailed well. Later, I migrated to a band called Nitetrain. After learning 15 Minutes was auditioning guitarists and a few jams later…..well….the rest is history. I play Marshall heads, Crate 4 x 10 cabs, Ernie ball strings and effects run from Boss and Digitech to Banshee.  Guitars include Gibson Les Paul Jr., Fender Strats, Schecter Hellraiser Tempest and a whole assortment of acoustics.